Bowlin’s Travel Centers suspend fireworks sales

Doña Ana County

In response to a plea by New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez and Doña Ana County Commission Chair Dolores Saldaña-Caviness, Bowlins Travel Center’s seven New Mexico stores have suspended all fireworks sales to New Mexico residents until the drought is declared over.

Kit Johnson, general manager of the New Mexico stores, said the decision was made Friday.

“I applaud Mr. Johnson and his staff and management team for recognizing the danger posed by fireworks use this year and for taking a stand for public safety regardless of profit loss,” Saldaña-Caviness said. “This is an example of ethical corporate decision-making that strengthens the public-private bond going forward.”

New Mexico law does not allow counties and municipalities to ban fireworks outright. Both Doña Ana County and the City of Las Cruces have enacted the most stringent restrictions allowed under the law, including a ban on all fireworks use on public property, including roadside rights-of-way.




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