Juárez reforestation work shows progress

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The city of Juárez is continuing its reforestation program in city parks with the planting of 265 more trees and shrubs,

City of Juárez workers tidy up a city park on Monday after planting trees and shrubs in the city's reforestation program. (Photo courtesy city of Juárez)

Municipal Utilities director Jorge Gutierrez said Monday in a city news release.

Afghan Pines and other trees and shrubs were planted in eight city parks in eight different neighborhoods, including la colonia Fidel Velázquez, Fiestas del Sol, Los Nogales, Hidalgo, Paso del Norte, Villas de Salvarcar, Riveras del Bravo and San José, Gutierrez said.

Juárez this spring began an aggressive program of reforestation to replace vegetation that was killed in the extreme cold of Feb. 1, or died from neglect in recent years while the city has been occupied with high rates of crime and violence. The city said it would plant cold-tolerant Afghan pines to replace many of estimated 1,500 the Mexican fan palm trees that died when the temperature plunged into the single digits on the Fahrenheit scale.

Mayor Hector “Teto” Murguia has given away hundreds of seedlings during his regular public hearings in Juárez neighborhoods. Additionally, workers have been planting trees and shrubs in city parks, along roadways and at schools throughout the city.

Gutierrez said the work will continue little by little until new plants are growing at all 1,540 sites across the city.

He urged all Juarez residents to get involved and support the effort for the good of the city and for the sake of its

A Juárez city worker uses a leaf blower Monday to clean up around a park where new trees and shrubs were planted. (Photo courtesy city of Juárez)




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