Mountain lion spotted in Las Cruces

Las Cruces Police Department

Las Cruces police, animal control and New Mexico Department of Game and Fish officers are warning residents of the Regal Ridge and Fairway Drive neighborhoods in Las Cruces that a mountain lion was spotted roaming the area Wednesday morning, according to a Las Cruces Police Department news release.

The mountain lion was spotted at around 8 a.m. by more than one person on the 1800 block of Salinas Drive. The big cat was seen jumping a fence leading to the backyard of a residence. Officers are moving from home-to-home in search of the animal.

“Officers suggest that residents of the neighborhood stay indoors and keep all pets inside. Joggers and hikers should heed warnings as well,” says the news release. “It’s likely the mountain lion will be seeking shelter or heading toward the mountains as daytime temperatures warm.”

Anyone who spots the mountain lion is asked to call 911 immediately.




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