Juárez police meet with downtown residents

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Juarez city police launched their community policing effort Thursday in the downtown area with the first two in a

Juarez police meet with residents Thursday in the downtown area as part of the police department's focus on community policing in the area. (Photo courtesy city of Juarez)

series of public meetings between residents and police, according to a news release from the city of Juarez.

The program aims to increase citizen involvement in fighting crime.

Juarez police last month made a sweep through the downtown area, confiscating pirated videos and music CDs. Police also sparked controversy when they reportedly relocated some homeless people from downtown to other parts of the city.

The downtown area attracts people who are unemployed and otherwise in need because a number of charities and social programs are located there — especially in the area of the cathedral.

Leading this week’s meetings was Juarez Police Chief Julian Leyzaola. His objective is to restore the public’s trust in the police and help residents get acquainted with the officers who are patrolling the area. They also provided a forum for residents to voice their concerns about security and to learn about the process for filing citizen complaints.

About 60 people attended the two meetings, the city said. More meetings are planned in other parts of ther city in the coming weeks.



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