Juárez reinforces ditch behind cemetery

Rio Grande Digital

Workers in Juarez use heavy equipment to place concrete along a ditch bank that runs alonside a cemetery. (Photo courtesy city of Juarez)

The Juárez city Public Works Department is fortifying a ditch bank that runs behind the Colinas Cemetery after rain water runoff unearthed several bodies.

With heavy equipment, workers placed large pieces of concrete along the bank. Plans call for reinforcing the bank with stone and pouring fresh concrete to keep water from eroding the edge of the graveyard, according to a Juárez city news release.

A rain storm last week sent water running through the ditch, cutting into the burial area. The bodies that washed up were among dozens of unclaimed bodies — many unidentified — that were buried in cardboard caskets. Workers also are asking for permission to exhume and relocate some bodies that could be vulnerable to future washouts.



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