Federales to leave ciudad Juárez

Departure to begin in Sept.

Rio Grande Digital

Juárez Mayor Héctor Murguía Lardizábal (Photo courtesy city of Juarez)

The Mexican federal police will begin to leave Juárez in September, according to a joint announcement by the federal agency and the city.

Juárez Mayor Hector “Teto” Murguia Lardizabal said the decision was made by federal security secretary Facundo Rosas Rosas during a meeting Monday afternoon with city, state and federal officials as well as human rights advocates who monitor security strategies in the city.

Rosas Rosas believes the city is sufficiently under control, and city police are ready to take primary responsibility for security, Murguia said.

Many in Juárez have been demanding the departure of both the federal police and army troops. Murguia has been critical of the federales for pointing their weapons indiscriminately at poeple. A federal police officer shot and killed a member of  Murguia’s security detail who was guarding the front of a house where the mayor was a dinner guest.

Social activists have complained that the presence of federal police did nothing but make criminal groups more defiant and combative. They also decried the lack of local accountability.

In a well viewed video that made its rounds on the Internet, Murguia confronted federal officers and scolded them for pointing their assault rifles at members of his entourage.



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