‘Dead’ man stuns grieving family

Rio Grande Digital

The Mexican newspaper Excelsior has an article about a man named Rodolfo, a 76-year-old with dementia who disappeared July 24 from the family’s home in Guadalajara.

The family later received notification from the morgue that they had Rodolfo’s body. He had been killed.

The distraught family had their love one’s body cremated and brought it home in an urn. They proceded to pray a Novena over the remains. Suddenly, Rodolfo walked in the front door of the home.

The family was astonished to learn that the corpse at the morgue had the same physical characteristics as Rodolfo — and thus, the mistake was made.

Rodolfo told the family he had been sleeping in parks and eating handouts in the streets.

He said he tried to take a taxi home, but got into an argument with the taxi driver over the 120-peso fare. Rodolfo insisted 80 pesos was the correct amount. So he returned home on foot.

Although they were happy to have Rodolfo back home, the faced the task of returning the cremated remains to the morgue and testifying about the mistake.

Rodolfo confirmed the story. The cremated remains remain unidentified.



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