Juárez supports neighborhood committees

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Members of a Juárez neighborhood committee listen to a recent presentation by an unidentified city official. (Photo courtesy city of Juárez)

With the goal of improving the quality of life for families in Ciudad Juárez, the city’s Social Development department organized training for all representatives of various neighborhood committees that have formed in the city.

City representatives work with groups of 40 people who know and understand the needs and strengths of their respective neighborhoods. Each committees consists of a president, secretary, treasurer and members.  The committees are in charge of strengthening different aspects of neighborhood life, such as education, security, sports and culture, among others, according to a city news release.

There have been more than 500 neighborhood committees organized siknce last fall with the goal of meeting neighborhood needs and solving problems. The program takes care to preserve the culture of each neighborhood and encourage neighbors to form relationships among themselves.

In addition to Social Development, the city also makes available other departments, such as Directorate General of Human Settlements, Community Centers, Trade, Urban Development, Education and Culture, Ecology and Civil Protection and Public Works.

The city recognizes the committees as 100 percent valid, according to the news release.

Neighborhoods that have no committee are encouraged to approach the city for help in forming them.





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