An open letter to Pastor Tom Brown

Joe Olvera

© 2011

Where’s your compassion Pastor Tom Brown? Or is it relegated only to those who believe as you do? If God, as you

Joe Olvera is a long-time journalist whose latest book is - "Chicano Sin Fin: Memoirs of a Chicano Journalist"

say, hates homosexuals, I’m wondering, didn’t God make them too? Or are you speaking of another God, one who can hate as much as you and other humans do? I don’t know, but, I’m confused. I thought all Christian religions carried the cross of Jesus Christ on their lips, their hearts and their beings. But, I guess I’m wrong. There’s still room for hatred, still room for confusing the faithful.

What confuses me the most are your motives for refusing to allow unmarried partners of gay people who work for the City of El Paso health insurance. First you are against taxpayers’ money being used to offer protection to such people – something like $30,000 or so. Yet, you aren’t against the city spending $150,000 to conduct a recall election, plus, if you’re successful in removing Mayor John Cook and City Council members Susie Byrd and Steve Ortega, there will be an additional cost of thousands of dollars to hold another election to replace the ousted city leaders. Doesn’t this bother you? Or don’t you care how taxpayer dollars are spent?

One woman has taken it on herself to reverse your hatred, Tom Brown. She has asked people to support strong leaders and to say no to a recall. What’s your true motive, Pastor Brown? I refuse to believe that you hate homosexuals as much as you say you do, or that God hates homosexuals. Pastor, we’re talking about 19 people who would qualify to receive health benefits as gay and unmarried partners of city employees. Count them – 19 people! I’m sure there are more, but, they probably don’t want to expose themselves or to come under fire from those cannons which you are aiming at them. Why are you using religion as your basis to
conduct such immoral activities?

A friend of mine suggested that because those three voted last month to restore those benefits, after voters passed an initiative to refuse such coverage, we might be looking at a civil rights issue. Well, let me tell you, if anyone’s civil rights are being violated, it’s gay people. Not the voters, because people of every race, color, nationality, and religious persuasion are joining your bandwagon. Another issue Pastor Brown is that you refuse to accept that your actions constitute a violation of the separation of church and state. How can it not? You are so politically involved you even ran your wife for City Council in the last election, and you announced it on the pulpit. Albeit, she didn’t win. But, I’m sure you’re going to keep trying.

OK, so let me suggest a motive for you. You’re doing what you’re doing to create publicity for yourself. Am I right? Because, every time I see you in the newspapers or on television, you’ve got this very coy smile on your face. Someone who hates gays as much as you do wouldn’t be smiling, or half-smiling. You would have a scowl on your face, you would be gritting your teeth; your face would be turning red. But, I see none of these facial expressions. Pastor Brown, aren’t you satisfied that you’re a best-selling writer, why you even have a book about how to cure homosexuality, as if that were actually possible.

OK, I’ll give you a break. I’ll announce some of your books in this column: “Healing Through Deliverance”; “Devil, Demons, and Spiritual Warfare”; “How to Receive God”; “The Purpose of Pentecost”; “The Book of Revelation”; “Can Christians Have Demons?”; “Dreams: God’s Neglected Means of Communication.” Oh, yes, and let’s not forget your favorite: “Homosexuality – Its Cause and Cure.” OK, so I’m giving you free publicity, I’m mentioning some of your books, because, after all, you are a best-selling author of religious dogma. You go to book signings, you are invited to speak all over the world, so obviously you need to keep your name afloat, before the public. I understand that, so there are some of your works for the pubic to know about, and to read. I have quite a few readers, Tom Brown. I’m sure they will be pleased to know that I am publicizing your titles on my page – or not!

So, now that you have that, now that I have given free publicity for people to read your books, maybe you won’t be so hungry for publicity by the mainstream media. Because, it seems to me, Tom Brown, that your main concern is promoting yourself, publicizing yourself. Isn’t that what you’re doing? Correct me if I’m wrong, but, I must say by picking on defenseless people like gays, you are doing a tremendous job. BTW: For those who would like to know more about the Pastor, Tom Brown, look for David J. Stewart’s tome: “Tom Brown’s Heresies – Exposed.” It’s on the Internet. You see, Pastor Brown, nobody’s perfect. Not even you. Quit picking on gay people. ‘Nuff said!

Sin Fin



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