Report: Nearly 11,000 killed in Mexico this year

Rio Grande Digital

There have been 10,815 people killed in Mexico’s “war on drugs” and related violence so far this year, the Mexico City newspaper Excelsior reports in today’s edition.

In the 56 months since President Felipe Calderón took office, violence has claimed 48,247 lives — on average more than 28 lives every day. In all of last year, Mexico had 15,273 violent deaths, the newspaper said, quoting government figures.

Mexico’s population is 113.7 million.

The state of Chihuahua leads the 2011 death toll with 1,578 killings, followed by Nuevo León with 1,339, Tamaulipas with 1,110 and Guerrero with 1,108.

June 20 was the most violent day of 2011 in Mexico, with 46 violent deaths related to drug trafficking — 35 deaths in Nuevo León, seven in Ciudad Juárez and four in Durango, according to the newspaper report.

Also this year, the Mexican Army and Federal Police have found 79 mass graves with the bodies of 521 homicide victims.





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