Cruces man accused of firing shots from attic

Las Cruces Police Department


Las Cruces police arrested a 53-year-old man who they say is responsible for reports of shots being fired in his neighborhood.

Police learned that sometime over the past several weeks Daniel E. Nevarez of 1010 Poplar Ave. allegedly used a hole or opening in his attic to fire rounds across the street toward a neighbor’s home. Investigators also believe that sometime in the past few weeks Nevarez fired shots toward another neighbor’s home, trying to quiet a barking dog.

Until Friday, police were unable to find any evidence of shootings and no victims were ever identified. No injuries have been reported.

Last week Nevarez contacted police to report that “undercover agents” and neighbors were illegally entering his home to spy on him. Officers, concerned for the well being and safety of Nevarez, tried to contact him various times on Friday, Aug. 26.

Police were unable to locate Nevarez during the day, but officers said they found shell casings and other evidence that appeared to indicate that shots were fired from his residence and toward the homes of his neighbors. Police also learned that Nevarez had been acting differently in the previous weeks, the same time period in which LCPD received at least two reports of shots being fired in that neighborhood.

Late Friday afternoon LCPD’s SWAT and hostage negotiating teams tried several times to contact Nevarez and finally did reach him by telephone shortly before 6 p.m. An LCPD hostage negotiating team member spoke with Nevarez for several minutes and finally persuaded him to come out of his home and peacefully surrender.

Nevarez was arrested and is charged with one count of shooting at or from a dwelling. He was being held at the Doña Ana County jail with a cash-only bond set at $50,000.



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