Juárez cops arrest wife in man’s beating

Rio Grande Digital

Tania Esmeralda Méndez Reyes

City police in Juárez arrested a woman Sunday for allegedly beating her husband and slashing his arm with a broken bottle because he failed to follow her orders, according to a city news release and various media reports.

Officers were on patrol in the colonia Durango when they were approached by a bruised and bleeding man who asked for help because, he alleged, wife had attacked him.

Police went to the home and arrested the woman, Tania Esmeralda Méndez Reyes, 27, who reportedly admitted to attacking the man because he ignored her orders.  Juárez media reported that woman was trying to get her husband to do some house cleaning.

The victim told police this was not the first time his wife had roughed him up, but it was the first time she had caused such serious injuries.

According to media reports, the man slashed her husband’s arm with a broken bottle. Police were able to confiscate the bottle, which has blood on it, media said.




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