City shutters Juárez prostitution business

A Juárez city inspector posts a "closed" sign Monday on the door of the guest house El Refugio.

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UPDATE: The alleged victim now admits that she left home because she thought her mother’s rules were too restrictive. She was sleeping on a park bench in Benito Juárez Plaza until the woman from the brothel offered to take her back to the place, feed her and give her a place to sleep, according to multiple Juárez media reports.

The woman repeatedly urged the girl to go home and did not hold her against her will, reports say. A medical exam determined the girl never has had sexual intercourse. Police also said there were four other missing-person reports for the girl this year.

The city of Juárez has closed a “guest house” called El Refugio, where a 12-year-old girl reportedly was being held against her will and forced to be a prostitute.

Juárez city police said they rescued the girl on Saturday after her mother reported the situation to officers on patrol in the area.

Prostitution is legal in Juárez but closely regulated by the city.

Inspectors ordered the business closed on Monday after an inspection revealed deficiencies in emergency exits and fire extinguishers on the premises, according to a city news release.

Authorities are continuing to investigate the case, including the girl’s claims that she was being held against her will and that she was being forced to be a prostitute, according to various media reports.



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