UACJ marks World Peace Day

Dignitaries at the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez raise a while flag Thursday to commemorate World Peace Day.

Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez

With the raising of the white flag of peace at the Institute of Social Sciences and Administration, the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juárez began a day of activities to commemorate International Peace Day, established officially on Sept. 21 by the United Nations.

The ceremony of hoisting the banner of peace took place Thursday morning in the Plaza de Benemérito del ICSA and was chaired by university authorities headed by the secretary general of the UACJ, David Ramírez Perea, directors of institutes and central administration officials.

In the university community gathered in the Plaza de Benemérito, the secretary general said UACJ, and in particular the institute have worked with a social commitment to make contributions that help to promote peace in the city.

Ramírez said the university with the Observatory of Citizen Security and Violence, which is based at ICSA, has conducted research to provide input to the authorities with a more scientific basis in order to achieve a more peaceful climate for the city.

Ramírez said the university is convinced that peace must begin in the academic core with a relationship of respect between all members and then to the family with principles, values ​​and good relations and then to other areas of society.

He told those attending the ceremony that the university should be the most committed, through education with values ​​that are taught in the institution, to contribute to achieving the climate of peace and harmony everyone wants for the city, which has been hard hit in recent years by the violence of organized crime.

In this ceremony, psychology student Hector Garibay was asked to give a message on behalf of the student community of the UACJ and said that acts such as this day should raise awareness in the university community to make achievements count when it comes to promoting peace is concerned.

He said students have a dual commitment as citizens first and then as part of a small group that has access to higher education.

Each student must do his or her part to achieve peace, Garibay said.

After the delivery of messages, the general secretary and the director UACJ ICSA, Soto Rene Cavazos, hoisted the white flag, while the music student Omar Gardea sang the song “Es Tiempo de Cambiar,” by singer-songwriter Juanes.

UACJ has observed World Peace Day since 1981. Activities will continue with conferences on Sept. 29.



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