Juárez cleanup crews collect discarded tires

Juárez municipal employees load discarded tires into a truck this week as part of a effort to clean the city's neighborhoods.

Effort focuses on 21 neighborhoods during past week

Rio Grande Digital

Juárez municipal employees, working on continuing efforts to clean up the city, collected 21,708 discarded tires this week from neighborhood streets, according to a city news release.

A Juárez city truck is loaded with discarded tires collected from neighborhood streets.

The effort is part of a mandate from Mayor Hector “Teto” Murguia to the city Utilities Department to make Juárez a more liveable place.

This week’s cleanup was particularly successful, as crews far exceeded their tire-collecting goal, which was to remove 16,000 old tires. The workers also collected about 35 tons of junk and trash from the 21 neighborhoods that were the project’s focus during the week, the city said.

Removing trash and debris for the streets is a ket part of the city’s strategy to reclaim the city from organized crime groups that have caused chaos in Juárez during the last three and a half years.

Murguia credited neighborhood residents for much of the project’s success because, he said, people are becoming more conscious of the environment.

He said the city is working with tire dealers and repair shops to retain old tires and solve the problem permanently.



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