Juárez to check permits for security gates

A steel gate blocks access to a Juárez neighborhood. Two city departments are working together to make sure such street closures were done with the required permits.

City also to make sure private guard companies are licensed

Rio Grande Digital

Two departments of the city of Juárez will begin checking gated neighborhoods to make sure street closures were done properly and the the required permits, the city said in a news release.

Many neighborhoods across the city have been closing streets and limiting access to their neighborhoods as a way to defend themselves against the violence that has gripped the city for almost four years. Street closures peaked last year and now the practice has tapered off as the city’s crime rate has improved.

Some neighborhoods erected elaborate steel gates to limit cars on area streets, while others built simple barricades from boulders or concrete-filled barrels. In some neighborhoods, residents also have pooled their money to hire private security companies to protect them.

The city, however, has a formal process for granting permission to close streets based an a variety of criteria, such as ensuring access by emergerncy vehicles.

On Tuesday, the city announced that the  Directorate General of Urban Development will work jointly with Municipal Public Security Ministry to enforce the street-closing rules and make sure that all gates and barricades have the necessary permits. The departments also will make sure that private security companies working in the city are licensed.



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