EPCC gets $5.9 million federal grant

El Paso Community College

El Paso Community College will receive almost $1.2 million a year for the next five years from the US Department of Education under the Hispanic-Serving Institutions STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Program.

The community college has joined with Texas Tech University to create a 2+2 architecture program. It is unique in the nation for its focus on learning, based on local community and student needs.

US Rep. Silvestre Reyes, D-Texas, announced the grant last week, the community college said in a news release.

EPCC plans to use the money to develop and expand the program with the goal of making it a national model for future STEM programs at other community colleges and universities. Also, EPCC hopes that this partnership will help increase the number of Hispanic and lower income students receiving degrees in STEM fields.

“El Paso Community College is thrilled to be the recipient of this Department of Education Hispanic Serving Institutions Grant,” said Dennis Brown, vice president of instruction at the college. “In partnership with Texas Tech University’s Architecture Program, El Pasoans will be afforded the opportunity to complete their two-year Architecture Degree at El Paso Community College and complete the final two years of the Baccalaureate Degree in Architecture from Texas Tech University while remaining in El Paso.”

Reyes called the grant award “great news for El Paso.”

“STEM jobs are the future of the economy, for both El Paso and the nation,” he said. “This program will allow more Hispanics and underserved students to receive the education they need to compete for tomorrow’s jobs and will ensure that El Paso remains a competitive economic city in the years to come.”

The Hispanic-Serving Institutions STEM Program from the Department of Education works to develop and carry out activities to improve and expand the institution’s capacity to serve Hispanic and other underserved students.




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