Juárez sees three-fold jump in drunken driving crashes

Rio Grande Digital

An employee of the Juárez Municipal Traffic Department hands out fliers to passing motorists. The department is warning motorists not to drive when drunk.

The city of Juárez issued an appeal Wednesday to motorists to take seriously the city’s problem of drunken driving.

City police reported an increase in crashes in September from the same month last year, with 44 alcohol-involved crashes last month compared to 15 in September 2010.

A total of 186 people were injured in such crashes last month compared to 132 injuries for the same month last year.

Such accidents claimed nine lives last month compared to four deaths a year ago, the city said in a news release.

“The Municipal Transit Department urges motorists to take very seriously the recommendation to avoid driving under influence of alcohol, as this contributes in a significant way to the number of accidents with fatal results,” the news release said.



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