Juárez Police Watch: October 9

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Reported by Juárez media on Sunday, Oct. 9:

  • Pieces of a dismembered human body began turning up in Juárez on Sunday morning. By the day’s end, remains had been discovered in at least 13 points, according to Juárez news media. At most of the scenes were cards with undisclosed written messages signed the a group calling itself “Nuevo Cartel de Juárez,” or “New Juárez Cartel.” The pieces were found in the colonies Oasis, Independence II, Mexico 68, Kilometer 20, Finance Towers, September 9, The Farmer and the Airport.
  • Two male teenagers were gunned down with high-caliber weapons in the colonia El Papalote, according to news reports. Neighbors, who reported the shooting shortly after 2 p.m., identified the pair only as César and Javier, ages 16 and 17. Witnesses said the shooting involved multiple bursts of automatic weapon fire as well as reports from at least one handgun.
  • A man who was shot Saturday in the Valle del Sol neighborhood died later at Hospital General, media reported. The victim, Adrián Magdaleno, 34, suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the abdomen. The shooting occurred at the intersection of Camino Ortiz and Valle del Sol.
  • Gunmen shot and killed a man Sunday morning as he was leaving a gasoline station convenience store at Bernardo Norzagaray Boulevard and Arroyo del Mimbre in the colonia Felipe Ángeles in the northwest part of the city, according to reports. The shooting was reported around 11 a.m. Witnesses identified the victim only as “el güero,” or the blonde one. Employees of the station said the victim earned money by washing cars in the area. The motive for the attack was unknown.
  • A woman was injured in a barroom brawl inside a Juárez Avenue club about 5:30 a.m. Sunday. The fight was reported at the bar known as Don Felix between Mejía and Begonias streets. The unidentified woman, who was photographed by El Diario de Juárez with blood covering her forehead, told police she was hit with a bottle. The newspaper said although the bar remained open at almost 6 a.m., law enforcement hadn’t addressed its operating hours because city inspectors work only during business hours.
  • A motorcyclist was killed Sunday afternoon and his female passenger was seriously injured in an accident on Independence Boulevard about 300 meters from Zaragoza Boulevard, according to El Diario de Juárez. Police did not identify the riders but the newspaper website described the motorcycle as a blue-and-white Kawasaki with Texas license plates.

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