Juárez Police Watch: October 11

Compiled by Rio Grande Digital

Reported by Juárez media on Tuesday, Oct. 11:

  • A man was walking down the street in south Juárez when another pedestrian shot him at close range, apparently with a 9-mm handgun, according to a media report. The shooting was reported about 10 p.m. on Avenida Tecnológico in the Ampliación Aeropuerto neighborhood. The unidentified victim was described as being between 25 and 30 years old, wearing blue jeans, a white shirt and white tennis shoes. The body was found lying on the sidewalk. The killer apparently fled.
  • A man identified as “Toño” was shot to death as he and a companion entered a grocery store on Montes Himalaya Street in the colonia San José. A second person injured in the shooting was identified only as “El ratoncillo.” It was one of two shootings just minutes apart. In the other incident of violence, a man identified as “El Cholo” was shot to death inside a house on 23 Provincias Street near the corner of 8 de Diciembre.
  • Gunmen shot an killed a man Tuesday evening at Pavorreal and Octava streets in the colonia Granjas de Chapultepec, according to media reports. The unidentified man, about 40 years old, was killed in front of family members, who sobbed, “God, why did you take him this? He never did anything to anyone.” Neighbors described the victim as a quiet man, adding that he and his family are evangelical Christians.
  • A man died at a Juárez hospital Tuesday morning after suffering a severe beating, according to media reports. Jesús Ortiz Rubio, 21, suffered fatal trauma to the head and neck. He was attacked at the intersection of calles Sánchez y Antonio Espejo in the colonia Chaveña. Reports said Ortiz was attacked by unidentified people. It does not say whether the attackers are in custody or known to authorities.

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