Juárez to expand wireless public Internet

Three international bridges among new Wi-Fi access points

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School boys look at a mobile device at Benito Juárez Plaza in Ciudad Juárez. The city is expanding its free public wireless Internet service to cover most of the city. (Photo courtesy city of Juárez)

The city of Juárez is ready to begin adding wireless Internet access points in different parts of the city, including three international bridges, shopping malls, parks and monuments, according to a city news release.

Officials said the expansion will be done in the coming weeks. The installation will be done by the city’s Directorate of Public Lighting and Public Services Division.

The city previously installed Wi-Fi access at four points, including three campuses and the sprawling Benito Juárez Plaza on the southeast side of downtown. 

In all, Juárez plans to have 24 full-time, unlimited-access wireless Internet points to cover most of the city.

The purpose of the project is to support students in their studies by providing convenient, free access to the Internet.

To complete the project, the city had to acquire communications cable costing 180,000 pesos — about US$13,000 — and provide a way to securely install it, which caused some delay, the city said.

The project now is back on track with installations planned for Plaza de Armas, Zona Malecón, Parque Central Oriente and Poniente, Parque Borunda, Plaza Nicole, Hacienda Universidad, Unidad Deportiva Salvarcar, Sendero de San Isidro, and Parque San Lorenzo. Wi-Fi also will be available at the Santa Fe, Américas and Zaragoza international bridges, the city said.

Educational institutions to be included in the expansion are Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez, Universidad Tecnología de Ciudad Juárez, el Seminario Conciliar, Centro Comunitario Francisco I. Madero and Parque Extremo, among others.

The city expects to have the project completed in three weeks.

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