Juárez starts work on new fire station

This layout shows what is planned for the new Central Fire Station in Ciudad Juárez. (Illustration courtesy city of Juárez)

38 million-peso project to replace makeshift quarters

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Juárez Mayor Héctor "Teto" Murguía, second from right, prepares to place the ceremonial cornerstone for the city's new fire station. (Photo courtesy city of Juárez)

Dignitaries in Ciudad Juárez marked the start of construction Tuesday on the city’s new Central Fire Station — a facility to replace a complex that was razed as part of a massive demolition project the city started in 2005.

The old fire station was beside the Paso del Norte International Bridge. Since the demolition, the station’s 213 firefighters have been working out of temporary makeshift quarters hastily set up and inadequate for use as a fire station, officials said.

The new fire station, to be completed in April, will include administrative offices, dormitories, training rooms, a terrace, dining room, restrooms, storage, a gym, laundry facilities, a security gate, an area for rescue units and six fire engines. The exterior will have a parking for 107 vehicles and a monument depicting the classic firefighter.

It will cost 38 million pesos — about US$2.8 million. The station will be built at Feria Expo Juárez just south of the border and east of the downtown area near Benito Juárez Olympic Stadium.

Juárez Mayor Héctor “Teto”  Murguía, who placed the ceremonial cornerstone for the project on Tuesday, told firefighters they deserve the new fire station.

“I know that you fight for Juárez, and the city council and I will do everything possible to improve conditions for you,” the mayor said.

He noted that the fire department was established in 1918 and is one of the most beloved institutions in Juárez. Indeed, a national poll taken earlier this year found that firefighters are the second most-trusted public servants in Mexico, behind the personnel of the Mexican Navy.

Juárez Fire Commander  Luis Manuel Rodríguez Reyes said the new fire station will benefit the entire city. He thanked the city officials and promised that firefighters would continue their commitment to protect  Juárez.



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