Juárez gets Mexico’s clean city award

A worker uses a power washer to clean a sidewalk in downtown Juárez. The city was named Mexico's cleanest city on the basis of programs for dealing with waste. (Photo courtesy city of Juárez )

National recognition comes from Azteca Foundation

A biogas plant at the Juárez city dump converts landfill gas to electricity. (Photo courtesy city of Juárez)

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Juárez has been named Mexico’s cleanest city by the Azteca Foundation, according to a city news release and various Juárez media reports.

Mayor Héctor “Teto” Murguía traveled last week to Mexico City to collect the award given by the philanthropic branch of the TV Azteca national television network.

Juárez was chosen for the award based on a number of factors, including its ongoing efforts to keep city streets free of old tires and other debris, a new biogas plant that went into operation this year at the city landfil, its facility for shredding and recycling old tires, its handling of hazardour waste, measurement of various pollutant levels and other things.

In selecting Juárez for the award, the foundation documented the projects through videos, photographs, interviews, testimonials and environmental monitoring data.

The national campaign is called “Limpiemos Nuestro México,” or “We Clean Up Our Mexico.”

“I emphasize that all of Juárez should be proud that we have a comprehensive program of advances in the treatment of garbage, biogas projects that generate electricity, garbage collection, solid tire shredders and all these programs by the Department of Public Services is that Juarez goes ahead,” Murguía said in a ceremony Friday in Juárez.

He said the city will continue working on new projects to integrate the biogas plant to process organic waste, which is very important and necessary in Ciudad Juárez.




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