Juárez tree-pruning classes prove popular

An unidentified instructor gives lessons on proper tree pruning Saturday at a class given by the city of Juárez Department of Parks and Gardens. The city has offered the class the last two Saturdays, and has drawn 93 students. (Photo courtesy the city of Juárez)

93 Juarenses learned new skills on 2 Saturdays

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An unidentified instructor demonstrates a tree-pruning technique Saturday in Juárez. (Photo courtesy the city of Juárez)

Juárez city officials say their Saturday classes on tree pruning and gardening are popular with people looking for a way to make money as well as those who just want to take better care of their yards and gardens.

Fifty-six people — 54 men and two women — showed up this week for the class. Last week, it drew 37 people. The students represent all age groups, the city said in a news release.

People who showed up for the tree-pruning class were asked if they also wanted to take the gardening class, and most of them — being unemployed — said they did.

Sponsored by the Juárez city Department of Parks and Gardens, the class teaches basic techniques of tree pruning, care and maintenance of landscaping equipment, such as sharpening blades and making basic repairs. It teaches

One topic of especially high interest was how to take cuttings from various species of plants to maximize the chance they can be rooted to produce new plants, the city said.

Upon completion of the class, the students given credentials certifying them to be competent in the work. The classes are free for anyone who shows up as long as they have official identification and a passport-size photograph of themselves. There is no age requirement.




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