A hopeful message

Letter to the editor

The holidays can be filled with family, fun and laughter, yet it can also be difficult in this dismal economic time particularly for homeowners like me facing foreclosure.

I am grateful that I can spend one more Christmas in my home surrounded not by shiny wrapped gifts but with my children and grandchildren, and alongside NM Communities in Action & Faith (CAFé) I will continue to work towards passing the Mortgage Fair Foreclosure Act in New Mexico and to bring other resources to Las Cruces.

I want to thank all the courageous homeowners that have shared their stories with me.  I also want to thank Sarah Nolan, Director of  CAFé, and all the members for reaching out to me during my lowest time.  Otherwise my experience would have been much different: isolating rather than empowering, discouraging rather than hopeful, and lonely rather than united.

I particularly want to share some wisdom from a homeowner I met at the district court in Las Cruces at the foreclosure workshop. She traveled there in one last attempt to save her home. I was stressed and despondent over my situation. Sensing my sadness she told me something that I won’t forget.

She reminded me and others that this time in our lives facing foreclosure does not define us, and that we must continue to remind ourselves what we have achieved in life.

Some of us have earned our degrees or returned to school, others have raised families successfully, others are small business owners who have done well up until the economic crisis, and the list goes on.

Although we recognize the severity of our situation, it was good to be reminded that although it is a large part of our lives, it is not who we are nor does it diminish from the many accomplishments in our life.

I want to pass this hopeful message on to others who may be struggling during the holidays.  I can relate to the frustration, anger, and sadness as I fight my own battle against the bank, but I will continue on this journey not alone but united in hope.

Furthermore, I realize that there’s a larger debate in regards to the national economic situation and the different movements, but for me there is no debate.  I know who has supported me through this difficult time in my life and who has not.

There are too many individuals to thank for all that they’ve done and all that they’re doing, but I hope you know who you are and that you know you have made a difference, and there is no debate about that.

Rose Ann Vasquez,

CAFé Community Leader



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