Website blasts ‘complicit lapdog media’

Editor laments lack of  ‘Occupy the Roundhouse’ coverage

Mike Scanlon

Rio Grande Digital

Grassroots Press, a Las Cruces-based website that focuses on social and environmental issues, had harsh words last week for New Mexico’s news media. At issue, said the website’s editor, Steve Klinger, was a lack of coverage of the Jan. 17 Occupy the Roundhouse rally at the state capitol in Santa Fe as the New Mexico Legislature opened a 30-day session.

The commentary says in part:

No matter that well over a thousand people, from every corner of the state, descended upon Santa Fe to demonstrate and protest at the state capitol, with speakers, music, signs, a ring around the building, chants of “Whose house? Our house!” echoing and reverberating and a festive but insistent mood that the time has come for change in state government.

So what captivated tonight’s network coverage? A clip of six unruly individuals interrupting the governor and getting hauled out of the gallery, a report on the ailing Speaker of the House and a few sound bytes of Susana’s speech.

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