Institute issues report on drug violence in Mexico

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“On average, for every day of 2011, 47 people were killed [in Mexico], three of whom were tortured, one of whom was decapitated, two of whom were women, and ten of whom were young people whose lives were cut short by violence.” 

These are findings of the University of San Diego’s Trans-Border Institute, which has issued a report on Mexico’s Drug violence through its Justice in Mexico Project. The report says:

This report finds that violence rose significantly by the end of 2011. There were over 50,000 organized crime murders in Mexico documented by Mexican government and media sources. Such violence grew less sharply in 2011 than in the previous year, but now causes over half of all homicides and has spread to new states and municipalities throughout Mexico. Violence declined along the U.S.-Mexico border, moving south, and increasingly targets authorities, reporters, and vulnerable populations.


View a news release about the report 

Read the entire 40-page report




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