UACJ students donate teaching materials

Students at the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juárez discuss some of the classroom teaching materials the students donated to schools across the city. (Photo courtesy UACJ)

Donations aid 20 schools, service agencies

Rio Grande Digital

In what is becoming at tradition at the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juárez, undergraduate education students have donated educational materials to 20 schools and social service agencies throughout the city.

This is the third consecutive year students at UACJ have made such donations, according to a university news release.  The students spent the semester studying the design of effective and useful materials. Students designed their own teaching materials and then donated them at semester’s end.

Delivery of the materials was part of an on-campus event on May 14.

At the beginning of the semester, teachers and students are invited by different educational institutions and social service agencies in the city to visit them to get to know their needs. Based on those meetings, the students design their own materials and then donate them to the schools or agencies that suggested them.




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