US officials to meet with slain teen’s family

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Just two days before the two year anniversary of their son’s death — shot dead on Mexican soil by a US Border Patrol agent — the family of teenager Sergio Adrian Hernandez Güereca will meet with officials from the US Department of Justice, according to a report.

Hernandez, 15, was standing under the Puente Negro railroad bridge in Juárez on June 7, 2010, when he was fatally shot in the eye by an agent on the US side of the border.

US authorities say there is no law to govern the incident. On two accasions in US courts, lawsuits filed by the teen’s family have been dismissed.

Mexico, however, wants to extradite the agent, who has been identified variously in press reports as Jesus Mesa Jr. and Jesus Meza Jr. The extradition process advanced last week in the Mexican congress when lawmakers when lawmakers gave their OK for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to coordinate the extradition with diplomatic officials.

A report by the El Paso Times says Justice Department officials will meet Tuesday with the boy’s family in Juárez as a follow-up to a letter they earlier wrote to the family in both English and Spanish.

The Times article quotes the family’s US lawyer, Bill Hilliard.

“I believe what (DOJ officials) are doing now is being very professional and kind, to show they care about Sergio’s family as people. But do not mistake kindness for collaboration.”

Hilliard continues:

“Their theory is that (the agent) generally felt threatened, so he had a right to shoot. The problem is that he shot a kid between the eyes. He aimed and shot a kid that wasn’t threatening him. You can’t have a general sense regarding your safety and then rely on it to murder someone who’s making you feel unsafe.”

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