Border security and migration: A report from south Texas

The Washington Office on Latin America has issued a new report, “Border Security and Migration: A Report from South Texas.” WOLA is an organization dedicated to promoting human rights, democracy and social justice by working with partners in Latin America.

From the report:

“We found that unlike other sections of the border, the south Texas sections have seen an increase, not a decrease, in apprehensions, particularly of non-Mexican migrants; migrant deaths have dramatically increased; and there are fewer accusations of Border Patrol abuse of migrants. We also found that the Zetas criminal organization’s control over the area may be slipping and drug trafficking appears to have increased, yet these U.S. border towns are safer than they have been in decades. Lastly, in spite of the ongoing violence on the Mexican side of the border and the failure of the Mexican government to reform local and state police forces, U.S. authorities are increasingly repatriating Mexicans through this region, often making migrants easy prey for the criminal groups that operate in these border cities.”

See the full report from NOLA.


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