El Paso Times: Juárez families, neighborhood scarred by 2010 massacre

Three years ago this week, armed killers descended on the Villas de Salvárcar neighborhood of Ciudad Juárez and slaughtered 15 people — mostly students and athletes with no known criminal ties — who were attending a friend’s birthday party.

The killings focused the world’s attention on a border city already decimated by two years of daily brutal warfare between government forces and drug-trafficking organizations.

For this article, the El Paso Times visited the impoverished neighborhood to see how life had changed since the attack.

The house that witnessed the mass murder at Villas de Salvárcar has transformed from a place of death to one of life.

Every week since September, neighbors gather to take English-language classes, crafting and piñata-making workshops, and well-being classes for senior citizens given by volunteers and representatives from the Desarrollo Integral de la Familia, or DIF, and other agencies.

They also took pastry classes until December, when the stove in which they baked their cakes had to be returned to its owner …

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