Two ‘Dream 30′ activists arrested at congressional offices

Griselda Nevarez | Voxxi

Two immigration activists were arrested Monday while participating in sit-ins at the offices of Latino members of Congress. A third activist was arrested Monday evening.

U.S. Capitol Police arrested Marco Pacheco and Marcela Espinoza on Monday for unlawful entry. Pacheco was arrested inside the office of Rep. Rubén Hinojosa (D-Texas), who chairs the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. Espinoza was arrested inside the office of Luis Gutiérrez (D-Ill.), a longtime advocate of immigration reform.

A third activist, Brandol Hernandez, was arrested later in the evening at the office of Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.).

The three activists are part of the so-called “Dream 30.” The group is composed of 34 young immigrants who were detained in September after crossing the United States-Mexico border through Texas and surrendering to U.S. authorities. Most of the activists have been released and one was deported last week.

Pacheco and Espinoza, who were released from detention last week, refused to leave the congressional offices on Monday until Hinojosa and Gutiérrez agreed to call the Department of Homeland Security and President Barack Obama to ask for the release of the eight activists who are still in a detention center at El Paso, Texas.

Mohammad Abdollahi, one of the organizers behind the border crossings of the “DREAM 30” group, said he and others have spent the last two weeks asking Gutiérrez and Hinojosa—as well as other members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus—to call for the release of the detained activists. However, he said they haven’t been successful.

“We’re tired of not getting any answers,” Abdollahi told VOXXI. “We are staging sit-ins and refusing to leave until we get answers.”



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