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The contradictions of the California Dream

Kent Paterson

Frontera NorteSur | Commentary

For better or worse, if something happens in California please be assured it will soon come to a neighborhood theater near you. Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Pleasant Valley Sunday suburban sprawl, the car culture, LSD, and acid rock all launched or took hold in the Golden State.

A new Bracero Program will hurt farmworkers

(Image courtesy of New America Media)

(Image courtesy of New America Media)

David Bacon

New America Media | Op-ed

Most media coverage of immigration today accepts as fact claims by growers that they can’t get enough workers to harvest crops. Agribusiness wants a new guest worker program, and complaints of a labor shortage are their justification for it. But a little investigation of the actual unemployment rate in farmworker communities leads to a different picture.

NSA spying casts open Internet debate in new light

Joseph Torres and Malkia Cyril

New America Media | Commentary

Our nation’s Internet freedom is under attack — and the consequences for communities of color couldn’t be greater. 

Immigration: What’s love got to do with it?

Braceros, or Mexican farm workers, toil in a California field in the 1940s.

Braceros, or Mexican farm workers, toil in a California field in the 1940s.

Stephen Pitti

New America Media | Commentary

As the Southern California harvest season came to a close in 1946, a young Mexican immigrant named Robert García paid tribute to the young women he had seen in the nearby town of Cucamonga:

Your beautiful women like flowers
are just like the women of my people
they show their love
and deserve respect on the street and at home

A St. Patrick’s Day immigration message

Frontera NorteSur

On the eve of St. Patrick’s Day, an Irish-American organization strongly urged the passage of comprehensive immigration reform. The Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform (ILIR) joined hundreds of Latino, Asian, labor, business, religious, human rights and other organizations that keep pushing for a reform in 2013.

Ethnic media’s collective message to the White House: Do it now

(Photo courtesy of New America Media)

(Photo courtesy of New America Media)

New America Media – Editorial

The White House and Congress must move quickly to enact just and humane comprehensive immigration reform.

HSBC money-laundering mess confirms: ‘Mexican’ drug war is all about the US


Latino Rebels

Capitalism 101. Someone wants a product. Someone else produces that product. Person who wants the product that was produced purchases the product. Person who made the product gets the money from the person who bought the product. Rinse and repeat.

It’s more complicated than ‘legal vs. illegal’


Prerna Lal

New America Media

Editor’s Note: Is the term “illegal immigrant” a slur? Last year New America Media asked the media

Prerna Lal is a third year law student at The George Washington University Law School. She is a board director at Immigration Equality and works as a law clerk for a Washington, D.C. immigration firm Benach Ragland LLP.

serving U.S. immigrant communities what term they use to describe undocumented immigrants:How Do Ethnic Media Say ‘Illegal Immigrant’? Now the question is sparking a debate in mainstream media.

Last week Charles Garcia wrote a CNN opinion piece, “Why ‘Illegal Immigrant’ Is a Slur.” Columnist Ruben Navarrette responded with a CNN opinion piece titled, “‘Illegal Immigrant’ Is the Uncomfortable Truth.”

In the following open letter to Ruben Navarrette, law school student and Dream Activist leader Prerna Lal, whose own immigration status is in limbo, argues that the term “illegal immigrant” doesn’t accurately describe the fluidity of immigration status. The government allows people to move back and forth from one status to another, and live in a kind of legal limbo that is not reflected in the binary notion of “legal vs. illegal.”

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