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Letters policy

Updated Nov. 18, 2011

  • Rio Grande Digital welcomes and appreciates letters to the editor on any subject.
  • You must include your real name and e-mail address on all letters. We will use your e-mail address to verify that you sent us the letter, but we will not publish your e-mail address. We will withhold your name from publication in some cases if you request it.
  • Please keep letters succinct and to the point. Your opinion will be lost in a long, rambling letter.
  • Letters that include name-calling or personal attacks on individuals will not be published. Reasoned criticism of public officials and other public figures is acceptable.
  • Letters that contain libelous statements or implications will not be published.
  • Letters that contain false or misleading claims will not be published.
  • Letters that incite or promote violence or other harmful acts will not be published.
  • Rio Grande Digital Media Llc reserves the right to edit any letter for grammar or clarity.
  • Rio Grande Digital Media Llc reserves the right to reject any letter for any or no reason at the sole discretion of the editor.
  • This letters policy is subject to change at any time by giving public notice on the front page of our site.
  • Please send letters by e-mail to
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