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Commentary: Let’s review police shooting

Update: Since this commentary was posted, a witness told the Las Cruces Sun-News that the slain man was actually running from police when he was shot. Another witness told KDBC Channel 4 in El Paso that it appeared the man was shot while running away. Las Cruces police deny that version.

A police review committee does not need the city’s permission. In fact, it would be more effective and credible without the city’s blessing.

Mike Scanlon

Mike Scanlon

Rio Grande Digital

The police shooting on Saturday that killed a Las Cruces man should revive the long-discussed idea of establishing a citizens’ review committee to look into cases where police use deadly or excessive force against people in the community.

In this case, with very little information at this early stage of the investigation, it appears the shooting of Robert Montes, 37, was justified. Montes, after all, allegedly shot at the police, who shot back in self-defense.

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