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Femicide on international trial again

FNS Feature 

Juárez has been plagued by a series of femicides bordering on epedemic proportions. These pink crosses are memorials and warnings. They are all over Juárez. (Photo courtesy Miami Workers Center under Creative Commons license. License details below)

Kent Paterson

Frontera NorteSur

One March day back in 2009, 18-year-old Monica Janeth Alanis went to school at the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juárez. She has not been seen or heard from since then by her family. More than three years later, the missing student’s parents, Ricardo Alanis and Olga Esparza, still have no leads on the whereabouts of their daughter, according to the father. Worse yet, Mexican law enforcement authorities have “paid no attention to us,”  Alanis charged, as he walked around a university auditorium with sad eyes and a large poster of Monica covering his body. 

FNS: Mothers march on Mexico City

Frontera NorteSur Special Report 

Mothers of women and men missing in Mexico embarked May 8 on a national march/caravan that will culminate in protests and meetings in the nation’s capital this week. Like last year’s caravans organized by poet Javier Sicilia and other relatives of violence victims, the mobilizations will remind Mexicans of the deep emotional wounds  and unhealed psychological scars that devour families of forcibly disappeared persons.

Victims of violence shall not be forgotten

Kent Paterson

Frontera Nortesur 

Every night this week, a street in central El Paso will light up with the names of more than 10,000 people killed in the violence that’s ravaged Ciudad Juárez and Mexico since 2008. Sponsored by Annunciation House, the nightly projection/vigil is part of a week-long series of activities that will culminate with a dinner honoring in person the Mexican poet and anti-violence activist Javier Sicilia on Saturday, April 28. A shelter for migrants and the homeless, Annunciation House, has named Sicilia the recipient of its 2012 Voice of the Voiceless award.

FNS: Texas, Mexico spar over spring break

Frontera NorteSur

The latest Mexico travel warning issued by the state government of Texas has set off a wave of criticism south of the border. Government officials and representatives of the international tourism industry lashed out against a March 6 advisory issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety (TDPS) that urged young spring breakers not to visit Mexico this vacation season because of ongoing narco violence and other criminal activity in the neighboring country.

FNS: Violence batters former Mexican showcase

Frontera NorteSur

A retired Mexican general took charge of security this week in the troubled Mexican
border state of Nuevo Leon, even as violent incidents continued to bloody the landscape.

I went to Juárez, and it was good to be there


Mike Scanlon

Mike Scanlon

Rio Grande Digital

Two by two, truckloads of tetocops slowly crawled the side streets and alleys, their lights flashing red and blue. They crossed Avenida 16 de Septiembre about every two blocks. They were the Juárez city police — tetocops, as some people call them in a reference to Mayor Hector “Teto” Murguia.

An old man squeezed a melody from an accordion. A woman standing beside him brandished a cup for tips. A cabbie held his position on a Juárez Avenue corner. “Taxi, amigo? What are you looking for?”

Hanging tough at the Juárez Market

Kent Paterson

Frontera NorteSur

Under the circumstances, even the most stubborn personalities steeled in adversity would probably call it quits. Inside the corridors of the big marketplace, an odd tranquility reigns as the vendors wait for customers. Outside, the day is broken by the occasional sound of ambulances rushing off probably to attend the latest shooting victim.

Juárez to check permits for security gates

A steel gate blocks access to a Juárez neighborhood. Two city departments are working together to make sure such street closures were done with the required permits.

City also to make sure private guard companies are licensed

Rio Grande Digital

Two departments of the city of Juárez will begin checking gated neighborhoods to make sure street closures were done properly and the the required permits, the city said in a news release.

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