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Democracy Now: Missing student’s father calls for ending US drug war aid to Mexico

Journalist Anabel Hernández to discuss drug war, journalism at UTEP

Mexican investigative journalist Anabel Hernandez. (Photo courtesy of Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung via Flickr under Creative Commons license. Terms below.)

Mexican investigative journalist Anabel Hernandez. (Photo courtesy of Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung via Flickr under Creative Commons license. Terms below.)

University of Texas at El Paso

Two events to explore the drug war and its impact on journalists will feature one of Mexico’s leading investigative journalists, Anabel Hernández. Hernández is a household name in her native country for being one of very few journalists willing to take on both the drug war and government corruption.

  • What: Mexican investigative journalist Anabel Hernández to speak about drug war and journalism in symposium and lecture
  • When: 4-6 p.m. Nov. 11; 4:30-6:30 p.m. Nov. 12
  • Where: Tomas Rivera Conference Center Nov. 11; Union Cinema Nov. 12

The skeletons in Felipe Calderon’s closet

Mexico President Felipe Calderon is seen at the mid point in his term, Jan. 30, 2009, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. (Photo courtesy World Economic Forum via Flickr under Creative Commons license. License terms below)

Crime toll haunts outgoing president’s legacy

Frontera NorteSur | Special Report

Mexico’s President-elect Enrique Peña Nieto takes office Saturday. (Photo courtesy of New America Media)

As outgoing Mexican president Felipe Calderon prepares to enter the Ivory Tower of Harvard, skeletons are rattling the walls of Mexico during the last few days of his administration.

Within the past week, Mexican authorities have recovered the remains of scores of  murder victims from mass grave sites situated in different regions of  the country.

Caravan for Peace, cities of death

Mexican poet and activist Javier Sicilia, right, greets a supporter Sunday in Santa Fe. Sicilia is leading the Caravan for Peace across the United States. (Photo courtesy of Caravan4Peace)

Caravan in El Paso Monday, Tuesday

Editor’s note: The Caravan for Peace will be in El Paso on Monday and Tuesday. See events planned. See the group’s website here.

Kent Paterson

Frontera NorteSur 

If the Caravan for Peace and Justice with Dignity now crossing the U.S. had to pick a  city where all the issues it is raising

Javier Sicilia in Los Angeles. (Photo Courtesy of Caravan4Peace)

come together, perhaps no place would be better than Albuquerque.

A crossroads of cultures, conflict and commerce of all kinds, the Duke City is traversed by interstates and railways that move people and goods in all directions. Creeping toward a million people in the metro area, it is a place that grapples with high rates of drug abuse, gang and drug-related violence, governmental corruption and impunity in the justice system.

International rights tribunal holds hearings in Juárez

Rio Grande Digital

The lawlessness and brutal violence on the border has long drawn the attention of the world press, but now international attention has been focused on Juárez and Chihuahua state in a more formal way.

FNS: Mexico mourns a generation

Frontera NorteSur

As Mexico plunges into the crucial election season of 2012, the ongoing slaughter of young people continues to spark outrage, spill tears, destroy families and raise fundamental questions about the country’s future. This month, the murders of two young men in Ciudad Juárez and Monterrey were protested by friends and loved ones with emotional postings on Facebook and other social media networks.

Security breakdown becomes education crisis

Frontera NorteSur

For three weeks, thousands of students in the old Mexican resort of Acapulco have gone without classes. Their schools remain shut down by an atypical teacher strike that’s ground much of the educational system to a halt. Instead of striking for higher wages, better working conditions and fair treatment by supervisors, the teachers are demanding basic guarantees of life and limb.

Frontera NorteSur: Vigilantism and retaliation

Frontera NorteSur

Fed up with constant robberies and violent assaults, the residents of a working-class Chihuahua City neighborhood undertook direct action to prevent further crime. According to a local press story, about 30 residents of the Sol de Oriente section of the city recently armed themselves with machetes, baseball bats and other weapons and then mounted nighttime street patrols to keep delinquents away.

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