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On the trail of terrorists in Juárez

Mike Scanlon | Rio Grande Digital

Mike Scanlon is editor and publisher of Rio Grande Digital.

Mike Scanlon

A shadowy right-wing website caused a minor stir in the Paso del Norte region last week when it claimed — for a second time, citing anonymous “sources” — that a terrorist cell from the Islamic State organization was “camped” out in Juárez, or the Anapra suburb, to be precise, just eight miles from the border.

That can’t be right. First, there is no part of Anapra that is eight miles from the border. Anapra is literally on the border.

FNS: Daddy smelter’s dirty little souvenirs

Smokestacks tower above the site of the old Asarco smelter on El Paso's West Side.  (Photo from public domain)

Smokestacks tower above the site of the old Asarco smelter on El Paso’s West Side before the 2013 demolition and reclamation of the site. (Photo from public domain)

FNS Note:  The first in a new series of articles about environmental and public health concerns related to the old Asarco smelter in El Paso. This series was made possible by a grant from the Fund for Investigative Journalism.

 Kent Paterson | Frontera NorteSur

Near Executive Center Boulevard and Interstate 10 in El Paso sits a barren plot of land that played a pivotal if controversial role in the development of the border city. Flanked by freight rail traffic on one side and zooming cars and trucks on the other, black mounds of slag stand almost as if they are the earthworks of a DMZ between the past and the future.

FNS: Dreamers, deportees and daredevils: Justice for migrant children and youth


The fence along the US-Mexico border is yet another symbol of the Unites States' broken immigration policy.

The fence along the US-Mexico border is yet another symbol of the Unites States’ broken immigration policy.

FNS Note: A review of the 11th Annual J. Paul Taylor Social Justice Symposium held last month at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces. This article is dedicated to the memory of Nohemi Alvarez Quillay.

Kent Paterson | Frontera NotrteSur

Maria Eugenia Ponce grew up in what she calls “Puebla York.” Brought to the Big Apple as a young girl in the 1990s, Ponce recalled her undocumented parents working very hard to pay for private schools so their children could get ahead in life. But as she became older, the daughter of migrants from the Mexican state of Puebla grew increasingly restive when she was told to be quiet and not draw attention to herself.

Juárez Valley strives for recovery

Frontera NorteSur

Travelers headed south of Elephant Butte Reservoir in New Mexico might have noticed a full, flowing Rio Grande in recent days. The coveted water was on its way to Mexico where, under a binational 1906 treaty, the U.S. is annually obligated to deliver 74 million cubic meters of the liquid. Once past the border, the water is used for irrigating farmland in the Juarez Valley of Chihuahua state, which encompasses the municipalities of Praxedis C. Guerrero, Guadalupe, Distrito Bravos and Juárez.

The Rio Grande, or Rio Bravo, as it's known in Mexico, flows along the border, carrying water to farmers in the Juárez Valley.

The Rio Grande, or Rio Bravo, as it’s known in Mexico, flows along the border, carrying water to farmers in the Juárez Valley.

Long known for its fertile farmland as well as contraband corridors, the Juarez Valley was one of the hardest hit areas in the so-called narco war, especially between 2008 and 2010 when thousands of residents fled their homes and abandoned farm land.  Many sought refuge in Hudspeth County, Texas, just across the Rio Grande.

Ciudad Juárez: Bad day or a new bloodbath?

Frontera NorteSur

In one of the bloodiest days in the last year or more, nine people were murdered Monday, May 26, in the northern Mexican border city of Ciudad Juárez. In separate incidents, guns, knives, hammers and possibly bare hands were the instruments of homicide.

A little girl named Nohemi: Martyr of migration

Frontera NorteSur

On February 4, the grandparents of Jocelyn Nohemi Alvarez Quillay reluctantly saw the girl off from the family home in the province of Canar, Ecuador. Nohemi was embarking on a journey of thousands of miles to reunite with her parents, Jose Segundo Alvarez and Martha Violeta Quillay, who were reportedly living and working in New York City without papers.

By early March, Nohemi was sitting on the border of New Mexico within a stone’s throw of the United States.  Only a few days later, on March 11, she was found hanging in a bathroom of a Ciudad Juarez children’s shelter.

Nohemi was 12 years old.

Border Patrol, hospital face lawsuit over cavity searches

John Michaelson | Public News Service

A lawsuit has been filed against the University Medical Center of El Paso and a number of its doctors, along with Customs and Border Protection and several agents for alleged abuses against a U.S. citizen. Senior staff attorney Adriana Piñon, ACLU of Texas, said the 54- year-old woman was returning to the U.S. last year when she was strip-searched at a border checkpoint and then taken in handcuffs to the medical center, where doctors probed her against her will.


Frontera NorteSur | Special Report

The death toll from the Oct. 24 explosion and partial building collapse at a Mexican border candy factory now stands at eight workers. The death of Miguel Armando Reyes Castro was announced this week after the critically injured worker died in a Guadalajara hospital, where he had been transferred for treatment of severe burns he suffered in the pre-Halloween disaster that struck the Dulces Blueberry factory hundreds of miles to the north in Ciudad Juárez.

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