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Mexican workers battle firings, peso-pinching

Frontera NorteSur

Mexican workers in the northern border and Gulf Coast regions staged separate protests this past week over wages, firings, union representation, and allegations of no profit-sharing.

U.S. crisis unsettles Mexico

Frontera NorteSur

“There is a lot of uncertainty for investment and this is very negative for Ciudad Juárez.”

The partial shutdown of the U.S. government is unsettling the Mexican economy.

As the crisis took shape last week, the Mexican peso dipped to 13.34 units per dollar, an amount which represented the second largest depreciation in 2013. The pending Oct. 17 showdown over the U.S. debt limit is likewise contributing to the jitters, said Gabriela Siller, an analyst for Mexico-based Banco Base.

Outlook dim for Mexican workers

Vendors line the streets in Mexico City in this June 24, 2011 photo. Numbering in the millions, the legions of informal workers who sell everything from gum to flowers to maps are not enrolled in the social security system, don't pay taxes and don’t enjoy benefits like sick days. (Photo courtesy of Frank_am_Main via Flickr under Creative Commons license. License details below.)

Salaries grew just 0.8 percent last year

Kent Paterson

Frontera NorteSur

In a speech earlier this week praising Nissan’s decision to open a second plant in Aguascalientes, Mexican President Felipe Calderon responded to critics who’ve flailed away at the soon-to-be ex-chief executive for falling far short of being the “jobs president” he promised to be during the 2006 election campaign.

UTEP report shows optimism for Mexican economy

University of Texas at El Paso

Expert panelists predict that Mexico’s economy will see continued growth in various areas through 2012, according to the latest Consensus Economic Forecast report for Mexico released this week by the Border Region Modeling Project at The University of Texas at El Paso.

FNS: Mexican workers pay lags in the 21st century

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A new study reconfirms what many people know from first-hand experience: Mexican workers’ purchasing power has plummeted since the turn of the century.

Baja goes for space dollars

Frontera NorteSur

In a renewed bid to further position their localities in a booming 21st century industry, officials in Tijuana and Baja California will host an aerospace conference later this month.

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