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Rescuing deported aunt from a hole in the Tijuana canals

 Yaveth Gomez

Silicon Valley De-Bug

New America Media | Video

Editor’s Note: When he saw his aunt profiled on a Spanish-language TV news special on ñongos — underground encampments of the deported and homeless built in the canals of the U.S.-Mexico border – Yaveth Gomez knew he had to go save her. The family piled into a car, drove down to the border, and pulled her out of a hole in the ground — literally.

We took Interstate 5 South on a mission to rescue my tía Martha. After 30 years in the United States, she was deported three years ago to Tijuana, the bottom of California – el culo del diablo. We hadn’t heard from her since.

FNS: Texas, Mexico spar over spring break

Frontera NorteSur

The latest Mexico travel warning issued by the state government of Texas has set off a wave of criticism south of the border. Government officials and representatives of the international tourism industry lashed out against a March 6 advisory issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety (TDPS) that urged young spring breakers not to visit Mexico this vacation season because of ongoing narco violence and other criminal activity in the neighboring country.

Baja goes for space dollars

Frontera NorteSur

In a renewed bid to further position their localities in a booming 21st century industry, officials in Tijuana and Baja California will host an aerospace conference later this month.

The police and sexual assault

Frontera NorteSur

Tijuana’s city government has fired 15 police officers accused of forcing
a female detainee to strip naked and dance while in custody. Alcides
Beltrones, secretary-general of the municipal government, confirmed that
the chief of the La Presa rural district was among the dismissed

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